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Portugal Hospital Pays Homage to the Heroes of Today

Portugal Hospital Pays Homage to the Heroes of Today.

Radius Health Creative, published February 4, 2021

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On an exterior wall of the Vila Nova de Gaia Hospital Center, Espinho (in Portugal) a powerful visual story is being told. A 200 square meter graffiti mural by Guel Do It expresses this institution's mission of placing the patient at the heart of its universe.

The mural represents, and is dedicated to the healthcare professionals in a unique time of our lives, one which continues to challenge our limits, serving as a message of thanks, and inspiring ongoing energy and strength to the heroes of today.

Not confined to the hospital walls, this rare and imposing artwork is available for public consumption and outwardly celebrates and shows admiration for the modern-day hero. In doing so, the hospital seeks to cascade this message down to the public, and at the same time raise awareness of its mission.